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I went to a party last Saturday night and stayed out later than usual. When I woke up later that Sunday, my stomach felt uneasy and I wanted eggs or Indian food, something heavy and savory, to jolt it into calmness. But instead I found the Breakfast Burrito tofu scrambler from the V Spot, a vegan restaurant. I ordered take-out, so I can’t tell you much about the restaurant or provide any pictures of my food, but I’ll share my thoughts on the burrito:

Picture tofu in tiny pieces, crumbled to the consistency of small pieces of paneer bhurji. Tofu like this can hold spices well, as opposed to the giant rubbery blocks that swim, unscathed, in marvelous flavors; they are disappointing, and all too typical. This saucy tofu was wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, along with a smear of guacamole and black beans, salsa and soy cheese. It settled my stomach in a savory fashion, and I didn’t feel tired or heavy, as I usually do after I eat a breakfast of eggs. Morning burritos with scrambled tofu seem easy to make at home, so when I figure out a good recipe, I’ll post it here- suggestions are welcome!

Breakfast Burrito: $9.
The V Spot is at 156 5th Avenue, between Douglass and Degraw, Brooklyn, NY. (718) 622-2275


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We went to Brick Cafe for brunch this morning. It was a struggle to get out of bed… I was so sleepy (and I slept till 11:30!). But fortunately, Brick isn’t far…just a few blocks down from me at 33rd st and 31st avenue. I’ve passed it a few times and been tempted to check it out… the exterior is a lovely yellow and it looks really…hip? cute? rustic? So I googled it and found that it was known for its brunches. Then I looked up the brunch menu and saw that it was relatively inexpensive (french toast is $5.95; omelettes are between$5-7). I feel like my perception of what is expensive/inexpensive is skewed now that I live here. Anyway, it’s small inside, and cramped and really busy, but the staff was really nice and the ceilings were some carved tin, charming material, and we were seated right away. While waiting, the waitress brought some crusty french bread with this reddish-brown olive spread to the table. The spread was salty and nutty and easily spreadable. Then they brought us coffee and cream- also good.
I ordered the French Toast:

….which looked like that, messy, but it was great! The toast was NOT drenched in syrup like most french toast I’ve had- instead it was crispy and slightly sweetened on the outside, soft and warm inside, also slightly sweet, and the strawberries and cream on top were perfect- the strawberries a little tangy, a little sweet, and the cream just a luxury. It also came with a side of potatoes:

These were fantastic potatoes. Nicely spiced, they tasted like they had a little lemon on them, unlike the usual half boiled/over fried homefries, and they were the perfect salty complement to a not-too-sweet dish. And all this for $5.95!

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