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The food at Cactus Club is abysmal. I would say it’s bordering on inedible. The chips and salsa were fine, and the only things I ate. But the $9 guacamole was clearly prepared hours before and then refrigerated until it was brought to our table, and the “Big Dig,” a supposedly “layered” dip, was soupy, gloopy, and nasty. The beans were bad but the cheese in particular looked like sticky yellow slime and had a really unpleasant twang in its taste.


But of course, we didn’t go for the food- we went for the drinks and its convenient location (it was New Year’s Eve). These Cactus Bowls or whatever, are enormous, and strong margaritas. We shared one between 4 people. At $18, that’s not a bad deal, but the food is so gross that I don’t think I’d go there again, even for a sweet drink deal.

Atmosphere: nothing really, drunk people, large space.

Guacamole: $9; Big Dig: $11; huge margaritas: $18
Cactus Club is at 939 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. (617) 236-0200


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I LOVE the nachos at One World. I love nachos generally. Love Love Love. Chips and beans and cheese! Salsa that’s spicy and fresh! Guacamole! The most perfect meal…


I was CRAVING nachos all weekend and we went on Sunday morning to One World for brunch because I knew that people could get eggs there while I fulfilled my desire for nachos at 10 am. One World serves healthy food and even the nachos there felt healthy, since they were topped with fresh salad ingredients. We also got the vegetarian chili on the side, which was YUMMY. The nachos are $5.95… wonderfully cheap.
One World is on 100 West University Parkway, Baltimore, MD

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Spring Street Natural is ALWAYS good. You should go there. They have these awesome, fresh salads full of goodies like juicy strips of portabella and creamy avocados and goat cheese and RED ONIONS! And they dress them really well- the dressings complement, never intrude.

I went and got the Taco Salad (so did Karen- so it’s double taco!):


And Susan got the Portabella Mushroom Salad which was just so good I was regretting my Taco Salad decision:


Go! And I work around the corner so then come say hi to me and bring me a cookie. Thanks.

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I went back for a work lunch and tried the Vegetable Enchiladas with Mole Sauce ($15).


Definitely better than anything I had eaten there before. The sauce was nutty and layered, and I liked the vegetables inside the enchiladas – spring onion, zucchini, lots of green. My only complaint was that I wish there had been some more cheese…proportionally, the vegetables outweighed the cheese 3:1.


Okay, we went to Mexican Radio in Soho. I think I’ll just post a few pictures and tell you that the food was nothing spectacular- for the price. It definitely wasn’t bad (unlike Panchitos) but I think the most disappointing part of the meal was paying $8.95 for a handful of guacamole.
In Boston, at Ole Grill, guacamole is $8-9 dollars, but it’s fresh, and the quantity is huge. They make it at your table, so you see that they are cleanly slicing and scooping three avocados into the heavy stone bowl. They add other ingredients- tomatoes and cilantro among them, crush it all up until the consistency is chunky, and serve it to you. At Ole, you can make a meal out of drinks and that fresh green guacamole, though I usually end up ordering something else, like their mini turnover quesadillas filled with poufy white goat cheese and charred poblano peppers (yum!!).
Unfortunately, Mexican Radio was the opposite with guacamole- $8.95 for a pale, overly smooth green handful that tasted like sour cream! I was in shock!
The nachos were decent, but a smaller portion than I was used to:
The spring rolls were also just okay- filled with corn, but most of the taste came from the peanut sauce:
However, the Napolitos Salad- grilled cactus with apples, jicama, pumpkin seeds, and herbs with Tequila vinaigrette, was refreshingly tasty.
Louise from work tells me that she loves the vegetarian burrito there- so I might go back and try that. She says it’s her favorite burrito in New York.

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