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My friend Susan recently started the online magazine Jersey City Uncovered. It’s a publication dedicated to discovering cool things about Jersey City, which, surprisingly, is a really neat place. I spent quite a bit of time in JC over the past two weeks and I like that 1. the PATH no longer intimidates me and 2. there are lovely, peaceful areas from where it’s possible to view New York with some perspective.

The magazine covers all sorts of topics, from what to do if you get a boot on your car to a boutique clothing store and the new development in the Power House Arts District to taking a field trip to the beautiful Cloisters in upper Manhattan.

Oh, and also in the May issue there’s an article (by me) about an excellent dosa restaurant with a staggering variety of dosas on offer that are most certainly worth the trip into Jersey City.

*[look familiar? Susan also paints, and I think she used her talents very effectively by transforming this photograph I took in December into super cool art!]


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