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I also went to this sandwich/wine/fondue bar called Ini Ani on the evening of my birthday. They were supposed to have a Brie and Wild Mushroom fondue- they were out of that and their regular cheese fondue. I was really really disappointed, but we got some sandwiches- paninis- but the bread was super thick. They were tasty, though:

Spinach, Feta, Onion:
For dessert, we ordered a Chocolate Croissant with Caramelized Bananas, which sounds super good, and which we thought would be awesome. Unfortunately, it was too sweet to enjoy:


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On my birthday, I went to Fiamma Osteria for lunch with Susan and Karen. It was a Restaurant Week restaurant, so we were a bit excited for our fancy meals. I’ll post some pictures to show you what they served.

Susan and I got a salad with grilled red onions, Gorgonzola, and walnuts. Personally, I was hoping for more grilled onions…


Karen got a chickpea soup, which was super delicious:


And then our main courses… I got some pasta in a red sauce, which tasted pretty boring, just like pasta in red sauce, but it was the only veg. option. I’m not going to post a picture. Karen got fish, which she said was good, but not amazing:


Sorry!! I know this is a strictly veg. blog. But Susan got some steak and she was so very pleased with her dish, plus it was so artfully arranged, that I took a picture, and I’m going to post it..


But the best part of the meal was the dessert… it was so sexy looking and it tasted excellent. The dessert made the meal. Blood Orange Tart with Pistachio Gelato:


and this Chocolate Mouse thing with Apricot Gelato, but I forget what it was called:


I would recommend going for dessert. I just checked out their new dessert menu…they have a pumpkin tart on there which makes me want to go back tomorrow.

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It’s time to update! wow. After two or three months…

Okay. So today I walked up to Pinkberry, a frozen yogurt place on 32nd street, after reading an article about it on the NYTimes. Pinkberry is a chain of frozen yogurt shops from L.A. that features a “sour” frozen yogurt that tastes like regular yogurt (think: frozen dahi) intsead of the sweetened, flavored yogurt that is usually sold at froyo places (think Oreo Cookie or Pumpkin Pie or something) (Pumpkin Pie, MMM!!!). Anyway, Pinkberry is apparently huge in L.A. – “celebrities” go there, and customers get parking tickets for illegally parking and rushing to get their froyo fix, and competitors have opened very similar shops, etc., but the funny thing is, Pinkberry only serves two flavors- Original, and Green Tea. They have a bunch of toppings, too: pinapple, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, cocoapuffs, carob chips, chocolate chips, oreo, coconut, banana…

I got the Original flavor, with strawberries and raspberries. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture. But this is what I observed: I really enjoy the “original” or natural, unsweetened flavor of the frozen yogurt (I read that the Green Tea flavor was kind of chalky) because it reminds me of dahi (dahi= plain yogurt, sometimes slightly sour, eaten with Indian/south-Asian food), and I liked the fresh fruit topping. BUT: I thought the frozen yogurt disintegrated too quickly- into a watery substance (which is generally what frozen yogurt melts into). The thing is, while I was in India in November, I had a “yogurt”-flavored frozen yogurt from the Gelato (a frozen yogurt chain- don’t let the name “Gelato” fool you) chain shops that stand on every corner in Bombay, and although what I had was also a fat-free frozen yogurt, it was a lot creamier when melted than the Pinkberry yogurt. And I think texture is really important in frozen yogurt, because it’s one of the aspects that I think consumers want to be similar to ice-cream, because of course, ideal frozen yogurt would just be ice-cream without the calories but with all the taste and texture. The appearance of the Pinkberry yogurt was very nice though; it LOOKED very creamy.

pinkberry yogurt is on 32nd st, 2nd ave, and in Chelsea, and in Soho. (more…)

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