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In Bandra, we went to this popular joint called Candies.

It was lit up all pretty inside…

And with our coffee, we received complimentary mini cakes…. like petit fours!


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One of my favorite things about studying abroad in Rajasthan last year was how everyone there ate tons of dessert, especially dripping hot, fresh jalebis. MMmmmm!! I’m generally not a fan of Indian desserts, but jalebis are an exception- they combine hot, squishy, crispy sweetness into one lickable package. When we were younger, Nikita and I used to pile jalebis on a plate and hide in random corners whenever we were forced to go to a puja- anticipating the golden-yellow yumminess made the puja worth sitting through.

This trip to Bombay, I was able to have homemade jalebis! Jalebis are best when fresh and hot (when they are cold, the mazaa, or fun, goes out of eating them). I took some pictures of how they are made…

First, the batter (flour, water, yogurt?) is poured into a bottle with a small snout. Oil is heated high, and then you squeeze the jalebi shape (which looks like a round pretzel) into the oil.


Then you watch them sizzle for a minute or two: frying

Then you take them out of the oil and put them on a paper towel to let the oil seep out:


Then you dip them in a saffron-infused sugar syrup and then drain them in a strainer:


Thennn you put them on a plate and watch as they dissappear!


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