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Maggie has ice cream eyes

Ice cream is one of my favorite foods.

Maggie and I got ice-cream from Christina’s the other day. Well, actually we both got sorbets (lemon and raspberry), but we’ve had the ice cream there many times. Christina’s has an incredibly creative list of flavors, including green tea, avocado, and white asparagus.

avocado and asparagus

Maggie described her raspberry sorbet as having a two toned flavor- slightly “planty” at first, with the tartness of raspberry entering almost as an aftertaste. I tried hers and agreed. It tasted fresh. I loved my lemon because it wasn’t too sweet like sorbet sometimes is, and it definitely wasn’t too tart and difficult to eat. Also, the consistency of the sorbet was perfect- not too watery but instead, the correct proportion of flavor to ice. I actually didn’t know that sorbet was “gelato without milk” as Wikipedia describes, but the sorbet at Christina’s epitomizes this phrase.


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